How to Remove Google Security Warning Virus

If you are getting frequent pop-up notifications mentioning a security warning from Google or you are being redirected to a similar warning tab while browsing the web, you are likely infected with the Google Security Warning Virus.

Article Summary

  1. What is it? – Google Security Warning Virus is a fake/scam message that aims to install malware on a victim’s system and ultimately steal their private data.
  2. How to Remove? – To remove the Google Security warning virus you must scan your system through a potential antivirus program. TotalAV is my favorite.
  3. How to Stay Protected? – You must not install free yet deceptive software programs or give notification access to random websites to stay protected from such viruses.  

What is Google Security Warning Virus?

The Google Security Warning Virus is a scam that aims to trick users to compromise their systems meanwhile the cyber criminal tries to install the malware in them. This fake security warning popping on your system warns you against the “Zeus” virus with which your system has been infected and tricks users into believing that their private information has been compromised.

Further, the users are suggested to contact a phone number or a fake Windows Help Desk, which is set up by cybercriminals. As the user falls for this trap and seeks help from the help desk or the contact number, hackers lead them through a process that would ultimately compromise their system for real.

This is very much similar to Windows Security alert or Apple security alert scam.

So, if you are also experiencing similar Google security warnings on your system, you must not fall for this trap rather follow the necessary steps ahead to remove this virus from your system.

Google Security Warning Virus Scam

Threat Analysis

NameGoogle Security Warning Virus
Threat TypeAdware > Scareware > Pop-Up Virus
SymptomsPop Up Advertisements/Warning Messages
Distribution MethodPop Up Advertisements/Software Installation
DamageStealing Sensitive Data/Tampering Files
RemovalScanning Your System through an antivirus/Uninstalling deceptive software/Blocking notifications from random websites

How did I get Infected?

Cyber criminals seek to find the simplest way to spread them over a vast audience. The best way to do this is to hide this malware in the “advanced/custom” settings of a software installation process. Usually, when you click on any random advertisement or install software, you often skip checking the advanced settings option for them. 

This is how this virus which was by default bundled to be installed on the system along with the software gets a passage in your system. The virus then starts to compromise your system slowly and steadily. Thus, rushing through a software installation process or skipping the advanced settings options can be the main reason behind your system getting infected by this virus.

How to Remove the Google Security Warning Virus?

Getting infected by the Google Security Warning Virus might lead you to an unwanted situation after your private and sensitive data has been compromised. You must consider installing a potential antivirus software like Total AV to prevent your system against such viruses. 

Apart from this, there are certainly other ways that you must adopt to remove the Google Security Warning Virus from your system.

Remove Unwanted/Malicious Software From Your System

The most common way through which the Google Security Warning virus can frequently pop up on your system is by malicious or deceptive software already installed in the system. Thus, you must uninstall such software to get rid of the virus ultimately. Here is how you can do it.

  • In your search bar type “Control Panel”.
  • Open your control panel and under the “Programs” heading click on the “Uninstall a program” option.
  • Your system will display all the software installed on it.
  • Look out for all the deceptive software that you might not have installed purposely.
  • Click on the software and choose the “Uninstall” option available at the top of your screen.

Once such deceptive programs are removed from your system, the Google Security Warning Virus should stop popping up.

Reset Your Browser Settings

The Google Security Warning virus is notification-based. Therefore, you might be continuously experiencing it because of certain websites for whom you would have allowed the notifications to be displayed. Resetting your browser settings can refresh the entire browser and can remove the virus. 

Here is how you can reset your browser settings. We have considered the “Google Chrome” browser, although the steps to reset the browser are similar for almost every browser.

  • Open your browser and click on the three dots options available at the top right corner.
  • Go to the “Settings” option.
  • On the left sidebar, choose the “Reset Settings” option.
  • Next, click on “Reset settings to their original default option” and further choose the “Reset Settings” option.

That’s it. Your browser settings will be reset to default and any unwanted virus will be removed. 

Download an Antivirus Program

Rather than manually carrying out the scanning operation on your system, resetting browser settings, and other similar tasks to remove an unwanted virus, installing an antivirus program can be a great choice to consider.

Installing an anti-malware program will automatically keep a check on your system and remove any viruses, malware, or a similar threat to the system. Moreover, reliable antivirus software will also help you regularly scan your system for any malicious attack and help your system recover from it within no time.

Thus, installing an antivirus program can be a smart choice to prevent your system from such fake warnings like the Google Security Warning.


To conclude, recovering from the Google Security warning virus can be easy until the cybercriminals have already infiltrated your system. Moreover, to prevent other similar attacks and false notifications you must always check the advanced/custom settings option when downloading software. 

In addition to this, you must not allow random websites to display notifications on your system. Taking such minor precautions can help you avoid such viruses and fake scams.


Why am I getting Google Security Warning?

The Google security warning you are frequently experiencing on your system is a fake notification scam that is completely unrelated to Google. You are getting this warning because your system has been infected by an unwanted malware or virus which is causing this issue.

Can clicking a link get a virus?

Yes, clicking on a malicious link can start the installation of a virus on your system without even you getting notified about it. Therefore, you must check before clicking on any such link or getting redirected to a website that seems malicious.

How do I know my system has a virus?

There are certain common actions that you can notice to decide if your system is infected by a virus or not. This includes seeing frequent advertisements on your system, getting redirected to random websites, the system working slowly, files going missing unknowingly, and other similar incidents.