8 Best Chrome Security Extensions for Safer Browsing

Google Chrome is, without any doubt, the most popular web browser. It has been a user favorite right after its release because of its advanced features and tools. However, it is also clear that Chrome is not a privacy-friendly browser. Most users have severe privacy and security concerns while using it. 

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Along with being a browser, Chrome is also a data collecting tool for its parent company Google. Google, the biggest marketing company in the world, uses Chrome’s data for targeted ads. 

Apart from Google, many other websites also take advantage of Chrome’s poor privacy with malware, spyware, and browser-trackers constantly invading the browser.

Ironically, if Chrome is responsible for these problems, it is also the source of the solutions. Chrome has its own web extension store that has millions of add-ons to heighten your browsing. Fortunately, you can benefit from multiple Chrome extensions to defend your privacy.

Here are the best Chrome Security Extensions that would enhance your browsing experience and make it more secure and private.

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Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus

Many websites, such as blog sites, e-commerce sites, etc. earn money by displaying the ads on their webpages. However, many websites misuse pop-ups and ad posting features to promote illegal programs such as malware. So, to block the unnecessary ads for securing your browser, you can get the Adblock Plus web extension. Adblock Plus is an excellent tool for blocking irritating ads while you browse the internet. After installing it, whenever you visit any website, it will automatically block the ads in the background and make your browsing experience better.

Usually, people must support legitimate sites such as informative blog sites by letting them display ads because ads are the primary source of their earnings. For that, Adblock Plus has the option to allow advertisements on the websites you chose to.



Blur is a must-have web extension for Chrome users. It fulfills multiple requirements for you. The first one is a password management extension. If you are someone who lacks in creating and remembering the strong and long passwords, then Blur is perfect for you. It not only helps you in creating a tough password but also saves it and encrypt it using the super-strong AES-256.

Another utility that Blur provides is creating a protective layer between your credentials and the service you sign-up for. It works like this. Whenever you require to sign-up for any service using your email id, Blur will provide another random masked email address that you can use to sign-up. The good thing is you will get all the alerts and other emails on your original email id. If the service you signed up for got hacked by chance, the hackers would not get their hands on your original credentials. The premium version of Blur will also protect your privacy while using online banking by masking your credit or debit card details.

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If you are an avid Google Chrome user, you might be aware that Chrome allows you to delete the browsing such as saved cookies, passwords, etc. using its settings. Click&Clean provides you more such options with a single click. You can choose which data to remove manually or let it delete everything. One unique feature is that it allows you to access the data that other Chrome extensions are storing. Using it, you can remove the web-extensions that are unnecessarily capturing your data.

Usually, users have a misconception that browsing in incognito mode would stop websites from recording your data. However, that is not true. You can also use Click&Clean to wipe any data Google Chrome holds after you use Incognito Mode.

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HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere

The HTTPS Everywhere works precisely as its name. It ensures that the websites you visit are protected with HTTPS instead of just HTTP. HTTPS assures that the website is encrypting the login credentials and other details you share with the sites.

Although Google Chrome has announced that they would only allow the websites with HTTPS for privacy safety, millions of sites are still running with HTTP. Therefore, HTTPS Everywhere extension is essential to have.

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DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

Many of you might have heard of DuckDuckGo as the privacy-concerned search engine, the best alternative to Google’s data collecting search engine. However, along with the search engine, DuckDuckGo also provides a privacy-focused web extension. Apart from providing privacy features such as blocking the trackers and ensuring the HTTPS visits, DuckDuckGo also grades the sites you visit. Websites are ranked A-F with A being most secured and F the least one.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger

Many security extensions use pre-defined filters to block the trackers, but they often failed because they are not updated with the latest interfering techniques used by hackers. Privacy Badger brilliantly handles this disadvantage. By sending the “Do Not Track” signals, it automatically decides on which site to block. Moreover, the developers regularly update the site to keep up with the latest signatures.



Unshorten.Link is another useful Google Chrome extension that safeguards your system from malicious links. Cybercriminals often mask their ill-disposed weblinks by shortening them using online services like Bit.ly. Unshorten.Link will expand the shortened link and scan it for any malware. It is regularly updated and keeps the record of over 300 website shortening services.



The internet is full of websites that track your activities silently without letting you know. Apart from Google, many other third-party advertising companies track your search and other browsing activities to target you with ads. Disconnect web extension enables you to find out and block those tracking websites. It also lets you browse faster by increasing the page load speed by 44%.

Bottom Line

These are the top Google Chrome security extensions. They will help you minimize your privacy leakage; however, there is no guarantee of full protection. If you are too concern about privacy, then you can go for the privacy-focused alternatives of Google Chrome web browser.

1. How to add Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome extensions are available on Chrome Webstore. You can download them from there are add them to the supporting browsers. Any added extensions would appear on the top-right corner of the Chrome.

2. Is it safe to add Chrome extensions?

Usually, it is safe to install and add Chrome extensions as testers thoroughly check them at Google. If still any malicious web extension is found that violates Google’s policy, then Chrome can automatically disable it on every user’s Chrome web browser.

3. How many Chrome extensions can you have?

You can have unlimited Chrome extensions like you can install unlimited apps. But installing a large number of extensions would slow down the browser and disturb your workflow.

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  1. Browser addons must be used only, as a first line of defence against internet threats. You can find some noteworthy on chrome store and others that just are useless. Use 3 or 4 webfilters, test them and keep only one that suites you the most. Personally I use “Safe Web”, because is reliable, has versions for all major browsers (chrome, firefox, edge) and it gets update regurarly. It can filter up to 28 website categories (including malicious, phishing, scam, spam, porn, adult, gambling, social networking and others).I am using it also for parental controling purposes.


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