How to Fix your Computer like Service Repair Guys

If something happens to your computer, you call the service repair guys to fix the problem. Meanwhile, you lose your working time until they arrive and when they fix it, you pay the hefty charges. Even if it was a simple problem, you have to pay their full fee. There are different simple things that you can solve yourself and save time and money. I am not asking you to take the screwdriver and open your CPU without knowing anything. There are lots of simple things that you can quickly do instead of having it done by someone else. In this article, you will learn methods to fix your computer for some simple and common problems.

How to Fix Slow Computer Problem?

If your computer is slow and not responding correctly, then you can do a few things to fix it. You need to remove the unnecessary software from your computer. They clogged the hard drive and slowed down your computer. So visit control panel and remove apps that you don’t use. Also, you should delete unnecessary files from your hard drive. If your hard drive is almost full, then your computer is not going to work fast. You can also consider upgrading to SSDs; they are faster than HDD. Your computer saves some temporary files; sometimes when the PC has lots of temporary files it slows down, so delete the temporary files. To do that press the Windows button and R together to open the run dialogue. Now type %temp% and press enter. Delete Temporary Files 1 You will see the temporary file window, now select all files and the press Shift key & Del button together. Lots of startup apps also slow down your computer. They keep running in the background and use the system resources. So, you can remove unnecessary startup application to boost the speed of your computer. Right click on the taskbar and choose Task Manager. How to Fix Computer like Service Reapir Guys Now click on the Startup tab. To disable the startup of an application select the app and click on the Disable button. You can disable the unnecessary apps but make sure to leave the necessary software like antivirus. Disable Startup Apps To increase the speed of your computer you can also run the disk defragment tool. Open My Computer and right-click on the partition and choose Properties. Disk Optimize Now click on the Tools tab, and then click on Optimize under Optimize and defragment the drive. Defrag the Drive 1 Now select a drive and click on Optimize. Defrag the Drive 2 You can also run the Disk Cleanup tool to free some storage so that your PC runs smoothly. To do that again go to My Computer and right click on the partition and choose Properties. Disk Optimize On the General tab click on Disk Cleanup. Disk Cleanup 1 It will analyze the storage that can be free. You can select the files to remove in the next window. Disk Cleanup 2

Removing Malware or Virus

How many times did you pay someone to remove the virus infection from your PC? Removing viruses and malware is not rocket science. There are lots of tools that automatically scan and remove viruses from the system. Then why to pay for this. Yes, you may need to purchase the antivirus tools for this. But, the service repair guys always take extra charge from you.
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There are lots of good antivirus and antimalware you can purchase their subscription and clean your PC. All you have to do is to install the antivirus and run the scan. Sometimes, viruses don’t let you download antivirus. To overcome from this situation download the tool on some other computer and then boot your PC in safe mode then install the antivirus. To run the Windows in safe mode press Ctrl+F8 key during the startup and choose safe mode. Install the MalwareFox anti-malware to remove the nasty malware infection from your system. It is capable of eliminating ransomware, spyware, rootkits, trojans, browser hijackers efficiently. Its interface is simple, and you can operate it smoothly. [thrive_link color=’red’ link=’’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]Download MalwareFox[/thrive_link]

Upgrading or Changing Computer’s Part

If you want to upgrade some part on your machine, then you don’t need to pay for it. You can easily do it. Most of the computer’s components are easy to install and remove. Like if you want to upgrade the RAM in your system, then you just have to insert in its slot. It is similar with the hard drive. To upgrade the RAM, you have to know which type of RAM your PC support. To know that right click on the taskbar and choose Task Manager. Click on the Performance Tab, and then click on the Memory. You will see the RAM type on the upper right corner. Now you know which kind of RAM to purchase. Now decide its size, if you want that your PC has 8 GB of RAM and you have one empty slot of RAM, then you can purchase a 4GB of RAM if there are no empty slots then you have to buy 8GB of RAM. If you are not sure how to remove and insert a new RAM or Hard Drive, you can watch videos online. Tons of tutorials will tell you step by step. If you plan to change the hard drive, then you have to install the Windows again. That takes a little bit more efforts, but that is also not hard. Similarly, you can change other parts like SMPS, optical drive, and even motherboard. You don’t need serviceman to do this job.

Recovering Deleted Files

When you accidentally deleted an important file, and it is not in the recycle bin, then you call so-called data recovery guys to do the job for you. They don’t have magical powers to recover your files. They use some tools to recover the deleted files. So you can use that yourself. Recovering Deleted Data When you delete a file from the hard drive, it doesn’t get removed immediately. The system just removes its name from the index file. So you cannot find it. Some tools scan for such data and help you to recover them. Such a tool is Recuva. It is developed by Piriform and comes in free and paid version. For me, its a life saver. If it doesn’t do the job, then you can switch to some paid recovery software. But before investing money research a little bit about the product. There are lots of fake products in the market.

Fixing Windows Errors

If you are getting a windows error, then there is no need to call service repair guys. You can fix those errors with yourself with a little bit of research. When you receive an error window provide an error code to identify it. Note down the error code and search about it on the internet. I am sure you will find a solution. Windows Repair by If you want a more simple solution, then download a system repair tool. Windows Repair by is such a software. It automatically scans for missing system files and registry entry and fixes them. Iolo System Mechanic is another useful tool in such cases.

Reinstalling the Operating System

If nothing is working, then you can reinstall the operating system by yourself. Reinstalling the OS will fix most of your issues. It will fix the slow down problem and also replaces the missing and corrupted system files. Your system will be restored to default settings, and you can have a fresh PC. You can use Windows CD/DVD to reinstall it or also can use inbuilt reset tool. To reset the Windows 10, right click on the Start button and choose Settings. Now click on Update & Security. Then click on Recovery in the left side pane. Then click on the Get started under Reset this PC. You will see two options, one is Keep my files, and the other one is Remove everything. Keep my files will remove apps and settings but won’t delete your personal files. However, the remove everything option will remove everything from your PC including your personal data. Choose an option and then follow the screen instruction to reset Windows 10. Check best computer repair software used by technicians to avoid meeting them.

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