What is Spyware

As the name suggests, Spyware is a type of spying software. Specifically, Spyware is a kind of malware that is deployed to keep track of activities on a computer and gather information without the user’s consent.The main motive of a spyware program is to monitor activity and send it to the developer (hacker) discreetly. It … Read more

What is Browser Hijacker

A Browser Hijacker is an unwanted software program that takes over control of your browser without permission. Have you experienced unusual website redirects or annoying pop-up ads? Those are signs that your browser has been taken over by a hijacker. It modifies browser settings without user consent. Unwanted actions include: the insertion of ads or … Read more

What is Zero Day Attack?

When an unknown vulnerability in software is exploited, it is called a Zero Day Attack. It is sometimes referred as a Zero-Hour, 0-day or day-zero attack. Software developers release their product for end-users only after vigorous testing has been completed. But of course, the phrase “nothing is perfect” applies to software programs too. There are … Read more

Antivirus vs Anti-Malware

The rise of cyber-crime has made computer security confusing for most users. This article aims at providing clarification about the need of anti-malware by stating how it works differently from Antivirus software.

Layered Security Configuration

Layered security is a crucial element for overall security and is implemented through overlapping layers providing protection at each level. The key benefits of defense in depth strategy is that it provides measures corresponding toProtectionDetection andResponseIn many scenarios, layered security strategy mitigates the potential weakness of one layer by the strength of corresponding other layers. Practically … Read more

35 Ransomware Prevention Tips

What Exactly Is Ransomware?Ransomware is a real life digital villain. Computer viruses and Trojans are malicious programs which are generally referred as malware. These malicious programs have a capability of damaging computer devices in various different ways. The virus reproduces themselves and affects other programs in a computer. Viruses can be downloaded from the internet, any … Read more

Windows 10 Privacy Issues and Fix

Since the launch of Windows 10 on July 29th 2015, one major concern has been on everyone’s mind; privacy. Windows 10 privacy takes a whole new twist since users can now login via their Microsoft account. Logging in with an Outlook/Live account, allows Microsoft to track your searches, location, websites you visit and more. This leads … Read more

Java Security Issues – How to Fix

Right now you might have one of the most vulnerable utilities that hackers absolutely love installed on your computer, and there’s little you can do about it. What’s this mysterious highly insecure program I’m talking about? None other than Java. Java is a programming language that was developed years ago to specifically run on all manner of … Read more

What is Ransomware?

You boot up your desktop one day after work expecting to enjoy your evening gaming or browsing social media but instead a red screen flashes onto your monitor. It tells you that you need to pay some money or bitcoins to an unknown company in the next 24-48 hours or else you can kiss your … Read more

What is PUP Malware?

Today we’re going to discuss PUP Malware. No, not adorable labrador puppies! PUP Malware – Potentially Unwanted Programs. You may have noticed a pop-up when you were running a malware scan on your computer alerting you to something like a ‘non-malware detected.’ That’s today’s topic, programs that may not be malware but get picked up … Read more