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How to Set Strong but Memorable Passwords?

Do I seriously have to stress the importance of setting secure passwords? I hope not. With a new cyber attack happening every day, it is a constant reminder to secure your passwords and keep them least guessable. But are you doing the right thing? Bravo, if you’re. It is always a tedious task to set […]

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Ultimate Guide to Parental Controls

It should not come as a surprise when I say kids just love the Internet. With an island of information available online, your child can access a variety of information which may include unwanted categories like pornography, gambling, racism, hate, violence, and more dangerous content.As a parent, it is understandable to have concerns for your […]

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How to Secure Web Browsing (Ultimate Guide)

A web browser is a standard application on every mobile phone, PC, and laptop for accessing the Internet. Be it a home user or a business owner; web browsers are the most common gateways for hackers to get into your system and hack your data. In this ultimate guide, I’ll be covering steps on how […]

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