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Are Porn site virus infected

Are Porn Sites Virus Infected? Fact or Myth?

The Internet is filled with porn. It is not like that they are filling and no one is interested. Traffic on porn websites is increasing day by day. Even when most people think that porn websites contain viruses, they don’t seem to avoid it. Porn websites include lots of advertisements. They are in the form of […]

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How to Verify if site is Legitimate?

With Internet businesses growing at exponential rates, scamsters are also sneaking in to get their share or pie. This makes difficult for casual web surfer to decide or trust someone easily. If you too feel suspicious about any site before making a move, follow the guidelines given in this article to verify if the site […]

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How to Set Strong but Memorable Passwords?

Do I seriously have to stress the importance of setting secure passwords? I hope not. With a new cyber attack happening every day, it is a constant reminder to secure your passwords and keep them least guessable. But are you doing the right thing? Bravo, if you’re.  It is always a tedious task to set […]

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Ultimate Guide to Parental Controls

It should not come as a surprise when I say kids just love the Internet. With an island of information available online, your child can access a variety of information which may include unwanted categories like pornography, gambling, racism, hate, violence, and more dangerous content.As a parent, it is understandable to have concerns for your […]

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How to Secure Web Browsing (Ultimate Guide)

A web browser is a standard application on every mobile phone, PC, and laptop for accessing the Internet. Be it a home user or a business owner; web browsers are the most common gateways for hackers to get into your system and hack your data. In this ultimate guide, I’ll be covering steps on how […]

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